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Podcasting, Seriously - Using Sound to Make a Scene with Luis Gil

By Lantigua Williams & Co.

In this session, composer and producer Luis Gil will share an approach to sound design and scoring that will bring your scenes to life, and give you a set of practical tools and shared language to get your entire team on the same page about how to build a great scene through sound. He will draw from his training in film scoring and many years of experience writing and mixing for all kinds of media, including working with the brilliant minds behind the Duolingo Language Podcasts and award winning shows like 70 Million. This workshop is ideal for producers and sound designers looking for a fresh approach to scoring, and for writers and editors in need of a better way to communicate their ideas to their post-production teams. Venezuelan producer and composer Luis Gil has been using sounds to tell stories on stage, off stage and online for over 15 years. For the past several years he has been focusing on podcasts – more specifically, highly produced narrative and documentary shows. His work consistently shows up at the top of podcast charts all over the world and has earned multiple accolades, including a Peabody Awards nomination in 2020. He currently works managing production operations and culture at Adonde Media.

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