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Podcasting, Seriously Webinar 3: Help Your Podcast Thrive By Treating It Like a Product with Rekha Murthy

By LWC Studios

Your podcast is more than "just" a product. It has ideas, beliefs, stories, and information, and a relationship with your listeners that most products only dream of. Yet when we step back and view our podcasts as products, neat things happen at all stages: design, strategy, distribution, R+D, even cross-platform thinking. Rekha Murthy is a podcast consultant, LWC Studios Advisory Board member, and former user experience designer for web and mobile. In this session, she'll walk through some of the many ways that product thinking can help your podcast go further, be more effective, and thrive. Rekha Murthy is a podcast strategist who believes that podcasting is at its best when it includes a wide range of voices and lived experiences. She works with clients of all sizes - from Spotify, Crooked Media, KEXP, and BirdNote to independent creators, influencers, and journalists. Rekha is a founding team member and lead curriculum designer of Spotify's Sound Up program for new creators, and is on the Advisory Board of LWC Studios. She served as Founding Governor of The Podcast Academy, home of The Ambies. She spent years at PRX + Radiotopia, NPR's All Things Considered + NPR Online, and web and mobile startups.

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